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"The dangers of custom bots"?
Welcome back. I'm back after a lengthy phase of depression. I'm actually pretty happy now, but I have something I wanna address.
Firstly, I would like to tell you that we've made our NeoSoft Blog introduction pic look more modern and cleaner than the previous one. And here it is!
i spent 10 minutes on this haha
And now, let's get to the main point.

So what is this all about?

Recently, a YouTuber called "No Text To Speech" posted a video about custom bots and their dangers. A very clever move to stopping bad actors, but apparently some people are misinterpreting this as "bots that are unverified", "bots made by known people", etc.
Don't hate on him. He's a normal YouTuber doing normal YouTuber stuff. If we catch you sending hate in a way we do not tolerate you will be punished, no questions asked.

Does this mean Nevira is dangerous?

No, Nevira is not dangerous at all! We care about experience, not about revenge or stuff like that. I could've nuked one of my enemies' servers back in May, but I never even considered that opportunity. Why would we nuke servers when we know that we'll get exposed and our bots will be deleted if we nuke?
No servers were nuked by any of NeoSoft's bots since the beginning of NeoSoft at early February, 2018. I'm just a programmer, programming Discord bots as a hobby. Nuking is a bulls*it way of getting revenge in my opinion.

Is Nevira a "custom bot"?

While it may seem like Nevira is a custom bot because I made it, it is NOT a custom bot. If it was, then ALL BOTS would be custom bots, including very epic bots like Dank Memer and Unbelievaboat.
No, MEE6 doesn't deserve a spot in the very epic bots list. We hate services infested with paywalls where half of the features are paid. How is it so damn overrated?
Anyways, back to the point. Nevira is not a custom bot as it wasn't designed and developed for a specific server, and it was designed to be added into any server that wants it. Therefore, you can trust us with this whole "dangers of custom bots" confusion stuff, as this video does not apply to any of our bots.

Back to studying.

welp I have some high school maths I need to study before I go to 9th grade.
*proceeds to copy and paste something*
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