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Nevira X1 Public Beta is now live!
As of 25 July 2021. A week after Testers Beta.
Proud to be here to announce to you non-Tester NeoSofters that Nevira X1 Public Beta is now live!
Lots of new economy commands involved.

Open Beta vs Testers Beta

We're still missing some stuff - however we've added some new features to the new Beta. For example, it's now got Xyron 2.4 instead of Xyron 2.3 - which lacks virus scanning. It's powered by VirusTotal - one of the most trusted websites for malicious and potentially sus impostors suspicious content scanning. So sit back and relax - we've got you safe now.
Even though VirusTotal uses industry-standard antivirus engines and also some we never even knew about, it's always safe to double check.
We've also added easter eggs, too, so if you're up for a challenge, go find them!
We've also made bug patches to the beta so more things should work now.

What's next?

Our next goal is to add strategic battle - something we've mentioned back in April. Then we'll have added almost everything - since we only need Zone Finder.
And I almost forgot about what the heck Zone Finder even is, so let me explain.

Zone Battle - what is it?

Really simply said, Zone Battle is kind of our version of Battleships.
Your goal in Zone Battle is to find all of the "zones" (more of points, to be honest) your opponent has set, which will not be shown, for obvious reasons.
The first person to get all of the zones guessed will win the game! Easy as that.
And that's it for the NeoSoft Blog for today! Hopefully we'll have-
I forgot one more thing.
No, wait - THREE more things.
There's actually four but the fourth one is a server exclusive so unless you know my favourite Gachatuber you won't be able to know what it is.
you've probably got here using the contents menu, if not then good job

Unit gacha system

Yep, you've heard it right. We're bringing Units to Nevira battle.
And yes I know, I'm a terrible artist. So I'm bringing someone on the team, who will be revealed once she says yes to the idea. I'll have to pay her with nitro though.
And I know you'll never draw this unit (because it is literally impossible to), but if you draw a 5 or 4 star unit, this will show up:
If you get a 5-star unit, you can expect the wildest buffs and skills possible, or just a normal buff, but still the wildest skills. This will come in handy fighting Sword of Infinity wielders (as long as they don't have 5 star units).
For example, my own exclusive unit has really impressive buffs and "nv!eval nerf(you)" as its skill - so if the skill is used, the opponent and their squad gets REALLY nerfed. This is why wielders of this unit will be unable to participate in the two new stuff we're adding below.

Nevira League

And almost the final announcement of the day: We're adding something called Nevira League.
For people that have played Splatoon or Project Sekai, this should be familiar. It's basically our version of Splatfests and Cheerful Carnivals we doubted on adding until now. You get in a team of your choice and win battles to gain League Points for your team!
To be honest, I would go with the team Mochi decides to go into. We're gonna add something to Nevira for Nevira League one day - probably around Nevira X2 - so stay tuned!

Battle ranks

We're also adding ranks to Nevira! If you decide to battle someone with similar rank as you, your game will automatically turn into a ranked battle. If you win, you will earn rank points, however if you lose, you will lose rank points. Your rank will be determined by your ranked points!

That's all Folks!

Don't forget to tune in into our Nevira X1 Release Candidate news once we get it ready and running! We have some special news to share 👀
If you need support for our products, we're always there in our Discord server!
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