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Nevira Music 2.3 is here!
It's only been one day since we made our last blog post. But here's a new one, to announce all of the new things in Nevira Music 2.3!
Hardware updates involved.

So, what's new, hardware-wise?

We're so happy to announce that we're launching a new node for Nevira Music - europe-1!
We've returned to using Heroku after we left it for HelioHost so we could host a Lavalink node there to improve performance for users in Europe. We still have our 550-hour restrictions though - which means we can't keep this node running forever.
More nodes will become available as time passes though! Hopefully.

Now time for Music v2.3.

Here's what's new in Nevira Music v2.3!

Support for multiple nodes

We've added support for multiple nodes! The bot will now use the most appropriate node for your region.
Voice channels with "automatic" region may have degraded quality as the region will be processed as the legacy server region. We may fix this to us-west in the future, or add an override feature.

Support for node europe-1

We've added support for our new node so people can use it alongside us-west-1 (NSElena).

Node status viewer (nv!music_nodes)

You can now view statuses of nodes! If they're down, they'll be displayed as down.

Have fun grooving!

Now that there's a European region, you can now groove to your favourite music with better quality and lower latency.
If you need support for our products, we're always there in our Discord server!
Last modified 6mo ago