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Moving out from to
We've grown up a lot since we first started working on bots. I still remember those times where was a thing...
It was a pretty neat website - except that we didn't have a cool enough domain. So with a help of a friend of mine, we managed to transition into our very own domain, - which is probably the domain you were looking at before you found out that we moved.
But we've grown a lot more since then. We made Nevira 5x better, we created PURLS - we created so many cool things, which are unforgettable to us and always will be unforgettable.
So we thought that it was time to evolve even further. Starting today, we are now no longer on the internet - we are now


reason one: was taken i wouldve registered neosoft dot com if it wasnt taken
I found as a nice (and cost-effective) way to identify ourselves on the world wide web. It had a short TLD (which is basically the thing at the end - the .me), it had "neosoft" in it, it had pretty much everything I was looking for.

Why even switch? was meeting the end of its lifecycle - it was set to live for a year only, then expire.
I wanted to prepare for this as soon as possible, so I decided to register

Can't you renew the domain?

I would have loved to, but this is not possible. It technically is, but it would've been a pain for the person handling domain renewal.
My friend would have to pay to renew the domain after the end of its lifespan, and I believed that that wouldn't really be nice of me. So I decided to register a new one, where I'm in full control over renewal so neither him and I have to worry about this. This saves us lots of hassle and reduces downtime.

Will PURLS react to because it's new?

It would, so I made sure it won't. I quickly implemented a whitelist system so won't cause PURLS to react, although it won't punish you because of the VirusTotal results returning an all clear. So until that's out of the way, is temporarily in a whitelist so you won't get PURLS'd on for sending official (but new) NeoSoft domains.

What's happening to will fade away from existence until someone reclaims the domain.
If someone ever claims it, it won't be NeoSoft content on there anymore - maybe something else. Maybe another "NeoSoft" which has things completely different that my NeoSoft? Who knows?

now goodbye

and also goodbye to we will miss you og o7
If you need support for our products or just want to socialise with special NeoSofters, the community's always there in our Discord server!
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