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May 1, 2020
Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!

noooooo the date no longer shows 4/20 anymore!!!

That's sad, the meme number is gone.

Reminder: Terms of Service

Recently, we've been seeing people not taking the Terms and the guidelines of NeoSoft seriously.
This is just a friendly reminder - The Terms and the guidelines are in place to allow you to use our services in a respectful manner. We reserve the right to ban anyone from Nevira for any reason, with or without prior notice, if we consider the action done by the user is considered abusive, harmful or cheating. Any violations of the Terms or the guidelines are subject to punishments.
If you do not wish to comply to the Terms of Service, please stop using our services or let us know so we can take proper action.
The terms of service aren't there for no reason, and I hope the person that said that the terms of service are stupid on our Discord is reading this.

And back to whatever is new

Please, don't be like the person who said tos is stupid if you want to experience whatever updates we make.

Things we worked on for Nevira

  • We made some bug patches to the gaming engine and the economy feature.
  • We've buffed the daily rewards and increased the prices of some items.
  • We got rid of the reply on ping feature since it's been annoying lately.
  • We reduced the crime cooldown to two minutes since one hour felt like too much.

Things we are currently working on

  • nv!raid command (no, it doesn't raid a server, it allows you to raid diamonds from someone.)
  • nv!beg command so you can beg for coins when you fail to rob or can't wait for tomorrow's daily rewards

is this even a blog post?

Why do I feel like this is just a report on what we have been doing instead of a blog
If you need support for our products, we're always there in our Discord server!
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