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June 9, 2020
Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!

Firstly, we have some sad but not so sad news for you all

It seems like Nevira won't be able to get verified this year (but maybe next year), which means we won't be able to make Nevira surpass 100 servers.

What this means for Nevira

Nevira won't be able to surpass 100 servers, but however it will still stay alive and supported for as long as we want it to live for. If you are unable to invite Nevira, you might want to try out our other bots Natalia and Amelia - they're starting to receive major updates again.

might record a blog on saturday

Since quarantine is starting to lighten up in Europe, I'm planning to make a blog of what the heck I do with the bois at weekends if I'm allowed to go outside.
And yes, that will include a face reveal. You're welcome my school friends who expected a face reveal at 60 subs which I ended up not doing because I lost interest in making YouTube videos.

What's new

Just some bug fixes, but we have some major updates coming up for Natalia. If you want more information on what we're gonna add to our bots, check the update logs, it includes both released and planned updates..

Updates for Nevira

  • The now playing and replay feature not working after the bot rejoins the music channel has been fixed.
  • Music is officially out of beta.

Updates for Natalia

  • We've started working on the music client for Natalia. Probably sure I can get it done by today.

alright now sayonara

i wonder what the heck i should even do on saturday lol
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