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January 20, 2021
We know, we're late and didn't make our 2021 celebration post on time. Anyways, welcome to this year's first post!

Nevira and Natalia going no-logging

We've made the decision to stop logging the way users use our bots. We had to log this data to block off the bad guys, but we don't need to do that now. We've done enough research and experiments to know how to block the bad guys, without storing their history of using our bots.
From Nevira v5.0.2 and Natalia v7.0.1, we plan on removing that one line of code that logs user data. Or multiple if we run into SyntaxErrors, we don't know. Instead of fetching the required data from our servers, we will fetch them from Discord. This will improve user privacy, as this information will not be stored in our servers, but instead of a server of a pretty darn big company which is bigger than us and more trustworthy since they are bigger. If you didn't trust us that much, you can now safely increase that trust. (We almost never had to view the logs anyway.)
The way you use our services will not be affected, but we will stop using your Discord ID to log how you use our services, but instead use it for storing user-specific data (such as settings). None of the data stored will be sensitive, unless you set your password or something as a setting on one of the bot settings. We don't want you doing that, so be careful!
We will also change how you report bad guys. When reporting, you will be required to send a message link of the bad behaviour. Since we cannot access messages outside of servers the bot is in, make sure that the bot is added to the server first.

Some other changes we've made

  • We've patched some issues with Nevira v5 since it released.
  • Autopause and autoleave should leave the voice channel only when the members in the voice channel are actually not above two.
  • We've added new badges to nv!profile!

happy new year

i know im late but happy new year anyways lets hope covid ends this year
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