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Introducing Custom Profiles
Is Nevira the first Discord bot ever to have this feature?
Yes, we're trying to compensate for the Nevira Music nerf. So we're giving all NeoSoft Premium users a fully customisable profile, and I mean a FULLY customisable profile. From texts to sizes, everything we could think of is here.

What's this?

This is Custom Profiles - a new way of showing who you are in Nevira, with custom texts, custom positioning, custom whatever you can think of that belongs in nv!profile. And there's custom images too!
I had to spend hours programming, testing, documenting and writing things related to Custom Profiles. The end result was something I never expected Nevira to have when I first added the renewed nv!profile command.

How do I use this?

I've documented a tutorial here - feel free to read it!

And...that's it...

Sorry...I just wanted to show this new feature in Nevira since I'm very proud of myself for completing this complicated feature.
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Last modified 4mo ago