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December 2, 2020
It's been a while since I've posted this. Welcome to today's post!

Nevira v5 is here! (since October)

It's the update you've been waiting for. Probably.
We've introduced something called NeoSoft Premium - something we've created to try to boost the usage of Nevira. You don't have to pay for this, all you gotta do is earn 300 diamonds and you'll be able to subscribe. The price is 300 diamonds per month by the way.
With this you can get some cool perks like a cool badge on your profile so you can show your premium off. Just don't brag to the people who can become easily toxic about it or things might go seriously wrong.
Who knows.
It's your life, not mine. Do whatever you want about the badge.
no this is not me he is my best friend
Anyways, as I was saying, you can succeed on robbing and doing crimes (in the bot, obviously) way easier than you would without Premium! If you're not satisfied with this, you can also get doubled daily rewards. You can probably afford premium easier with this.
In the shop, you get a 20% discount on all items, which can help you save up to 200 million coins! But the 200 million is for the most expensive item we've listed on there as it costs a billion coins.
In addition to that, you can customise Nevira even more by having the ability to set a custom theme! I prefer to stick with the default Multicolor theme though.
Okay, enough Premium talk - let's talk about what's new for both normal and Premium users.
We've made the switch from youtube-dl to Lavalink. As of late November, youtube-dl is available alongside Lavalink for music, but we were forced to make this switch as GitHub made the DMCA takedown notice on youtube-dl go through. Since this has been reversed, youtube-dl is now being used as a secondary dependency for music as the default dependency is Lavalink currently.

Natalia gets an upgrade (and a downgrade too)

After publishing Nevira v5, we ran out of ideas for what we should add to v5.0.1 or there wasn't much to add. Therefore, we've decided to give Natalia an upgrade - to Natalia v7.
Natalia v7 introduces some of the advanced features Nevira has, while maintaining high stability. We've also moved it to our VPS NSElena at the cost of discontinuing NataliaJS.
You can now check the weather, play music or protect your server with our most stable bot, yet.
Also, we're giving Natalia her own website. Have a sneak peek.
Oh, by the way - we gave Natalia a new icon, inspired by the Natalia v1 and v6 icons. It keeps a simple look while bringing the old logo back.

Speaking of our VPS...

Yeah, we've forgot to mention we have our own VPS now. It's a small boi at 2gb of ram, but it's enough to host Nevira and a few other bots. Once we upgrade the ram to 4gb we'll be moving all of our bots onto here.

New staff members (since June)

We've hired new devs for NeoSoft! Here are the new devs we've hired since June:
  • GamerGPlayz (Natalia dev => Nevira dev)
  • Fakado (Stupid-bot dev)

aight time to go

i have a science essay due tmr cya yall stay safe
If you need support for our products, we're always there in our Discord server!
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