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April 9, 2020
Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!

What's new

Here's a list of what we have worked on recently.

new blog, who dis

I've decided to add a blog to this wiki, so things like announcements, updates, etc. will appear here (maybe).

Things we worked on for Nevira

We heard your suggestions and feedback in our Discord server - and here's the changes we've made so far:
  • We've increased daily rewards by a few times, in exchange for higher prices for items in the shop since some items would be easy as cake to afford with the new changes.
  • We've also added new replies for nv!crime and increased the success rate.
And here's what we are planning to do now:
  • We're planning to add new economy commands such as nv!work, which will come bundled with the 2nd economy update.
  • We are also planning to verify Nevira once it has reached 75 servers (we're not focusing on other NeoSoft bots for now).

And an important announcement we have to make...

Like I said earlier, I am planning to get Nevira verified to prepare for the future.
Discord, which is the service our bots run on, has released a new bot verification system.
This update does not affect the bot's performance, except one major thing (which is not related to performance, but the bot's growth) - the bot will be limited to only being able to join 100 servers if the bot is not verified by the 7th of October.
Yeah, the badges are fancy and all, but if our bot is verified, Nevira can go beyond 100 servers, allowing it to grow even more. We have 6 months to get it verified before limitations are applied, which may limit us from verifying Nevira in the future.
And this is where we need your help.
We can get Nevira verified once it has reached 75 servers. You don't have to do this though (and we're not forcing you, this is voluntary and not required) - but we'd appreciate it if you can invite Nevira to as many servers as possible to get closer to our goal (but don't beg mods or admins to invite Nevira to their servers though - inviting it to the servers you own are good enough for us, and we don't want you or us to get into trouble with the staff there).
Thank you for helping us grow Nevira!

aight lets conclude this post now

If you need support for our products - we're always there in our Discord server!
As we attempt to achieve to our goal, we set mini goals depending on how fast Nevira grows. For now, the mini goal is to achieve 65 servers by next week - and 75 by next month.
Our previous mini goal was 55 servers by next month - and it seems like I have underestimated how fast Nevira will grow, and we ended up achieving that goal in just a day! You're all amazing everyone, thank you for supporting us achieving this goal.
Welp, I guess I'm gonna conclude this post here. Stay safe everyone.
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