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April 21, 2020
Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!

eyy it's still 4/20

lol it's nice that i live in europe so i get to enjoy the meme number for an entire month, whoever is the ceo of calendars please add a 69th day to april for this month so the calendar says 69/4/20

From useless bots to voice assistants

When we began NeoSoft, the only bot we had was Natalia - which was pretty useless at that time because the only commands we had were similar to to the commands Amelia has today.
And yes - we received some criticism for that.
A few weeks after v4.4 was released, I accidentally wiped the disk of my MacBook (even the OS was erased, nani the heck Apple) which led to v4.4 being gone and forcing me to roll back Natalia's program to v4.2. I managed to recover v4.3, but it never made it to Natalia.
After v4.4 was gone, I decided to work on a bot that is more focused on functionality rather than the command quantity - Nevira.
When Nevira was born, it was useless as Natalia when it was in the v1 series.
However, as we progressed to develop Nevira and add more commands to it, we started focusing on researching from the internet and not just only use our knowledge on creating bots in order to make Nevira better (don't worry, we didn't copy off exactly what the sources said), allowing us to do things we have never done before and make big updates, such as the v1.2.4 update, the v2 update, the v3 update and the v4.1 update.
Now Nevira's program is exactly 8888 lines long (yes - eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight lines, we're not joking) - with amazing features such as economy and music.
The feedback we've been getting compared to the feedback we got when Natalia was first released was much different - Nevira is currently receiving pretty good reviews.
And now, we have achieved the technology required to make my dream reality.
About a few years ago, before I joined Discord, I was showing interest towards voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant - which led me to start developing a Discord bot a few months after I joined Discord (which is why Natalia's icon looks like a mic).
My dream was to create a voice assistant that is capable of doing what an average voice assistant would be able to do.
In v4.0 I began experimenting with the AI engine, which can recognise the command that the client is trying to run - which was eventually disabled from Nevira after one day of its release due to bugs.
Now that playing music is possible in v4.1, Nevira will soon be capable of doing text to speech, which will allow me to create a voice assistant by combining the AI engine and the TTS feature - making my dream reality.
We're planning to release this voice assistant feature to Nevira in v4.1.1, which will also include the 2nd economy update adding crowbars and raiding homes of users that are rich on diamonds (no, not in real life).
Thanks to the NeoSoft Team and people that helped me throughout the development of our bots for making this dream reality.
Update on April 13, 2021: tfw you have to get rid of text to speech because you started using lavalink

Alright, what's new?

Things we worked on for Natalia and Amelia

We're starting to focus on updating Natalia and Amelia again. Here's what we have done so far:
  • Added moderation to Natalia (not released yet)
  • Added a!shoot and a!coinflip to Amelia

Things we are working on

And here's what we're planning to do:
  • Adding NeoSoft Account support to Natalia
  • Adding the voice assistant feature to Nevira
  • Possibly remove the feature where you lose all your coins when trying to rob a NeoSoft staff member in Nevira
  • Create new teams to help you with our services, such as a support team and a service moderator team

when will covid end like this post aaaaaaaaaa

That feeling when your city is on lockdown and you can't meet up with the bois and go to McDonald's for sone nice (but unhealthy) fast food and go to anywhere you want to on the subway. I miss the Big Macs and the outside world, but most importantly meeting up with my friends.
If you need support for our products, we're always there in our Discord server!
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