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April 13, 2020
Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!‌

What's new

Here's a list of what we have worked on recently.

new tos update who dis

We've updated our Terms of Service document and separated the guidelines and the privacy policy to separate pages for more clarity and understanding.

Things we worked on for Nevira

We didn't publish the 2nd economy update yet - but we added something else new. Here's what Nevira got recently:
  • Music is finally here to Nevira! Time to rickroll people with it now >:D
🦀 Music is here 🦀
  • We've updated the NeoSoft Bot Engine for Nevira to v4.0 for the music update.
  • Also, the work command is about 50% complete.
  • Nevira is on 62 servers now - just 13 servers away from our goal. Thank you so much! If you're new here, you can read why the goal is so important here.
And here's what we are planning to do now:
  • Publish the 2nd economy update
  • Make the shops look nicer

Alright, this was short but let's conclude this post.

But hey, at least we announced the music feature's launch here.
If you need support for our products - we're always there in our Discord server!
As we attempt to achieve to our goal, we set mini goals depending on how fast Nevira grows. And it seems like we will achieve 65 servers by next week as scheduled according to our growth trajectory.
Welp, I guess I'm gonna conclude this post here. Stay safe everyone and keep up that hand washing.

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