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April 12, 2021
We have some important news to share today! Today, it's about SnakeB and neoX1. Welcome to today's post!
should i change this? maybe not current one looks good enough

neoX1 release dates changed

neoX1 development is going faster than expected. We've tested neoHelper v4 code on neoX1, and the test went flawlessly. However, there's one abnormality we experienced during the test - everything just went too well that neoX1c and neoX1c+ may be complete already.
So, what does this mean?
We are changing the release dates of neoX1 for SnakeB! Instead of late 2021, we are targeting somewhere this month for him to get the new neoX1c engine. We are planning to use him as an experimental service for the new engine to make sure that the core functionality of neoX1 works as intended.
And then, we were like "screw it, let's just make neoX1c available today cuz y not" and gave SnakeB neoX1c today. It's still somewhere this month so doesn't matter I guess.
Once again, this update serves as an experiment for neoX1 functionality and compatibility across all of our bots, and if this is within the success range, we will use the more powerful neoX1 and neoX1c+ engines for our bots.
Also, note that no Testers membership is required for this - this update is a stable release.

hold up, why did this not take long?

The reason Nevira will take a few months to complete is because of its complexity. neoX1 is just an engine, and only takes a few days to develop. However, converting commands to commands.command objects are much more complicated and requires more time than creating a completely new engine.
Therefore, we were able to complete neoX1c in such a short time. We haven't completed neoX1 yet - that engine is more advanced and will require more time and testing to complete.

neoX1c+ for natalia when?

Early 2022. Or late 2021. Whatever.
The reason SnakeB got neoX1c early was because it was a really good test subject for neoX1c, as he is a lower grade bot with fewer commands, less features and more simplicity. Therefore, we were able to slap in neoX1c to SnakeB with minimal compatibility issues.
Natalia, on the other hand, is in between Nevira and SnakeB. Natalia is a middle-class bot, having not so much commands and features but still being more capable than SnakeB. We were aiming to test neoX1's stability and usability, not functionality. We aren't ready for that yet.

snake had a big party

yeah he was really hyped with the neoX1c update and had a big party where he invited as many friends and family members as he could. (nevira included)
wait why am i getting a feeling of deja vu like this happened before? meh idc probably sure its just me
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